Sayulitanimals Leadership

Sayulitanimals is run by volunteers who are like minded animal lovers, believing every creature deserves a life free from cruelty and suffering. Over thousands of years, we have domesticated and bred cats and dogs for our use, work and companionship.

We play a huge role in the evolution of animals, and it is not right that we turn our backs on them when they need us the most. It is our social and moral responsibility to provide them with care and protection. We believe that domestic animals need help from humans to ensure happy, healthy lives.

Sara Briner came to Mexico, in 2003, from Switzerland. She traveled around the country and then chose Sayulita as her home in November, 2005. Her first dog Esmeralda, a mutt from Sayulita, opened her heart and eyes towards dogs and animal welfare. After witnessing dozens of terribly sad dog stories, she decided to do something. Now she is the president of Sayulitanimals. Her life is dedicated to animal welfare and community education. She also heads up Sayulitanimals Adoption Program, connecting lost and abandoned cats and dogs with new homes.
Shelly Labovitz was born in Jerusalem, Israel and raised outside of Chicago. She and her husband Josh have been living in Sayulita full-time since October, 2006. She has her M.D. and a Masters in Public Health. With her medical background, she instantly saw the overwhelming need for medical aid amongst the street animals. Shelly began taking in street dogs on day one in Sayulita, giving them medical treatment and adoption assistance when she heard of Sayulitanimals. She and Josh have three dogs of their own and a continuous influx of fosters. She has been a volunteer of Sayulitanimals since the doors opened and now heads up the Medical Aid Program.
Tami Vlaco came here from Ventura, California and has jumped in with both feet! She has a background in animal welfare with assistance at the Los Angeles City Shelter and then at the Oakland Animal Shelter. She also had an off-leash dog adventure business in the Bay Area. Now that she has moved to Mexico, she is running the Sayulitanimals office and her own dog boarding/walking business.

Caring with Compassion.
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