Frequently Asked Questions

We hope we’ve covered most of the community’s concerns below in our FAQ section. If, however, you don’t see what you’re looking for, or if you’d like to have a more in-depth discussion about your question or concern, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

About SayulitAnimals

To run SayulitAnimals in its present form, it takes a budget of almost $50,000 US per year. This just barely keeps the feral population of dogs and cats in Sayulita in check; allows us to pay for the occasional adopted animal to travel to their new home when no tourist or other volunteer is able to take them; allows us to give only basic Medical Aid to sick or injured animals; and, keeps one paid staff person at the ready, 5 days-a-week.

As per the Our Story page in this site, although we already operate monthly Spay + Neuter clinics in Sayulita, we would like to expand this service to more outlying areas than we currently do, and with greater frequency.

And while we have had many, many Success Stories in caring for maltreated street animals to date, we would also like to purchase a vehicle, as well as X-Ray and Blood Testing machines in order to help our area deliver the best urgent medical care for possibly both street and owned animals that we can.

Your donation will be used to continue and expand our four core programs: Free Spay + Neuter, Adoption + Foster Assistance, Medical Aid For Street Animals and Community Education + Awareness. You can also designate funds directly to a particular animal, program, or item on our needs list if you so wish.Just Contact Us, and we’ll make it so!
Our long-term goals can be found on the Our Story page, but as past goals get realized, we post new ones on our Facebook page, in the News + Events area of the Homepage, and in our Email Newsletter. Please “like” our Facebook page and sign-up to our Email Newsletter to make sure you receive the most up to date info from SayulitAnimals throughout the year. Then, if you have an idea of how you might be able to help us a achieve a goal, please Contact Us, as we look forward to brainstorming together!
Spay + Neuter
Prep + Care

There are a few things you can to do make the process as pain-free as possible, for both you and your pet.

1) Call 329-291-3974 or drop by our office to set up your appointment.

2) Make sure the dog or cat has NO FOOD and VERY LITTLE WATER, at least 8 hours prior to surgery.

3) Bring the animal to the clinic between 9:30-10:30am. NOTE: If you bring the animal in after 10:30am, you will lose your appointment.

4) Try to bring a collar and leash for dogs, a secure container with air holes for cats, and a blanket or towel for after the surgery.

5) When you pick up the animal, don’t leave without one of our AFTER CARE information sheets!

6) Finally, help us continue to offer this service to the community by making a donation on behalf of the animal.

Please follow these instructions:

1) Put your pet in a safe, clean place in your house until it is fully-recovered from the anesthesia. Your pet will be tired after the operation and will need up to 48 hours to recover.

2) Don’t let your pet lick the wound.

3) Your pet mustn’t run, swim or bathe for a week after the operation.

4) Check the wound daily. Some swelling or redness is normal, but pus is a sign of infection, and must be treated by a Veterinarian.

5) Stitches don’t need to be removed, as they will dissolve as the wound heals.


– Not eating after 48 hours.

– Lethargic, low energy, sadness after 48 hours.

– Excessive swelling and redness in wound, or signs of pus.

NOTE: If you see any of these warning signs, please immediately contact your personal Vet or Dr. Grethel (who performs all of our Thursday surgeries), at 311-166-1609, so that they can assess the situation. If we are not available, please take your animal to the nearest Veterinarian immediately.

Animal Welfare

If you see an animal that needs help, write down or remember the exact area that you saw the animal in, then Contact Us immediately. We will assess the situation and do whatever we can to help.

Unfortunately, there are many things we cannot do… We cannot take control when there is an uncooperative owner involved. We cannot kidnap or hide stolen animals. We cannot offer homes to all the homeless animals in Sayulita or the surrounding area, no matter how much it breaks our hearts not to be able to do so.

First priority for care, goes to worst-case scenarios, as well as those animals who are sick, old, or otherwise unable to care for themselves in the streets.

Unfortunately, at this point in our organization’s development, we are only able to serve dogs and cats. We are not closed to the idea as a future capability; but this would require that our own long-term goals be accomplished first, and that we are able to generate a dramatic increase in funds, volunteers and experts to assist us with such a project. If you know of any organizations currently doing this work who would like to collaborate with SayulitAnimals in this area, please Contact Us.
Medical Questions

Animal Love – Drs. Marcia + Gabi

Sayulita Veterinaria – Dr. Jose Gomez
329-291-3325 or 322-134-9359

Dr. Grethel

Dr. Julio
322-156 -5977

MexiCan – run by Sabuesos + Dr. Cecilia Romero

Dr. Dunia
322-159 5493 or 329-295-5938

Valle de Dorado – Dr. Marianna and others

Sabuesos Clinic – Drs. Paco Aguilar and Viridiana Marana
01 322-222-5775 or 01-322-113-0332

Wolf’s Clinic – Dr. Arturo and others (Veterinaria Wolf’s on Facebook)
01-322-293-4474 or 322-224-8826