Transporting An Adoptee

Would you believe you could save a life in just a few short hours?

If you’re on vacation and a stray dog or cat chooses you to be its lifelong companion, don’t fret. SayulitAnimals can easily and safely get your new four-legged pal home with you, if you follow these simple steps:

  • First, please make sure the animal is NOT owned by someone else.
  • Second, check if there is available space to transport the animal on your flight. All flights have a quota regarding how many animals they allow in cabin and in their holds, and also have cut-off dates for in-hold transport, so that cats and dogs don’t succumb to over-heating.
  • Third, take your animal to a local Veterinarian so that they can administer a Rabies vaccine, and create a Health Certificate for your animal.
  • Lastly, buy your new pet his plane ticket home!
Didn’t Find A New Fur-Ever Friend, But Still Want To Help?


If you are visiting Sayulita, returning home by plane, and would be willing to accompany a dog or cat on their way to a new home, SayulitAnimals’ staff will drive you to the airport and coordinate animal pick-up at your home destination as well.

If you’re interested in helping us in this way, please Contact Us WELL IN ADVANCE of your flight home.


Please consider donating your Westjet and Alaska Airlines points to SayulitAnimals, as this helps us offset the expense of sending Sayulita street animals north to loving families in Canada and the USA.