Medical Aid For Street Animals

As with any small town or big city across the globe, stray dogs and cats are part of the fabric of life in Sayulita. But make no mistake, life on the streets of Sayulita is not easy… For cats and dogs, the dangers include infestation with internal and external parasites, starvation, physical abuse, and the all-too-frequent run-ins with motorcycles, cars and trucks that can maim and kill. And while dogs and cats generally have very strong immune systems and wonderful coping mechanisms, the extreme circumstances that they deal with, demands that we assist those who cannot cope, or are too old or injured to help themselves.
If you happen to find an animal in need, please take it to a local Vet. A list of local Vets can be found on our FAQ page. SayulitAnimals is here to help you with your rescue animal -- whether it's financial or foster assistance, or to answer questions or offer moral support -- SayulitAnimals is on your side. Unfortunately, SayulitAnimals does NOT have a Vet on premises, and is not able to provide overnight care.
Sometimes, finding someone to care for an injured animal until it recovers can be the most difficult step. If you would like to be on our Emergency Aid Foster list, please Contact Us.
Help keep SayulitAnimals’ Medical Aid For Street Animals program alive and well too!