Free Spay + Neuter Program

SayuitAnimals’ FREE Spay + Neuter program is provided to any dog or cat brought to SayulitAnimals, whether it is a beloved family pet or a newly-noticed stray.

It remains the crux of all of our work, as it is THE most effective and humane form of population control available, and also helps reduce the number of street animal medical emergencies by simply having less helpless cats and dogs wandering around town. With less homeless animals, the ecosystem balances, the streets and beaches are more sanitary, abusive methods of population control become unnecessary, and we create a safer and saner home for us all.

Part of the Spay + Neuter program is cat trapping. The only successful way to deal with the abundance of feral cats is to have a committed “Trap, Neuter, Return” program. In Sayulita, people need to accept that cats are going to live everywhere — around houses, hotels, businesses and restaurants. The only thing we can do to control the cat population is to trap the cats, spay or neuter them, and then put them back where they came from. This ensures that new cats will not take over the area, and that the cats that do exist in the area cannot reproduce.

Spay + Neuter surgery is available at SayulitAnimals every Wednesday. We also do quarterly 3-4 day campaigns in neighbouring towns such as San Ignacio, Punta de Mita, Higuera Blanca and many small towns that you’ve never heard of! All of our sterilizations are FREE, or with a pay-as-you-can donation.

NOTE: For our weekly Wednesday clinics, as we can only do up to 10 animals in these sessions, please make sure you make an appointment as much in advance as possible, and have your animal prepared and ready to go!

To make an appointment, please Contact Us.

To learn how to prepare your cat or dog BEFORE the operation, as well as the AFTER-CARE they will need, please see the Getting Ready + Post-Op Care section of our site.


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