Start saying lives today!

We can save more animals, better control the population of abandoned dogs and cats, and provide more community awareness and education — but only with a steady and predictable budget that allows us to both PLAN and still have resources left over to respond to URGENT situations.

Become a SayulitAnimals Supporter! Your one-time or monthly donation helps to provide the sustained, month-to-month income that is needed to save lives.


If you are from the USA and wish to get a tax receipt, please donate using our partner Website, Banderas Bay Charities, which will do this for you.

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What your donation buys:

$10 per month – Pays for one Rabies vaccination for one animal per month.

$25 per month – Covers the cost to Spay or Neuter one medium-sized animal per month.

$50 per month – Pays for one month’s removal of our Clinic’s medical and biological waste.

$100 per month – Flies one animal out of the country to be received by rescue organizations in Canada and the USA.

$200 per month – Pays one year of rent for SayulitAnimals’ Clinic space.

$400 per month – Pays for one year of Veterinarian services for SayulitAnimals’ weekly, 1-day Spay + Neuter Clinics.

$500 per month – Pays for a year’s worth of our Medical Aid For Street Animals program.

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Help Sayulitanimals spread Love & Compassion by becoming a member of The Kennel Club—100% of the proceeds go directly to the animals!

Make a donation and receive a gift—souvenir T-shirts, Baseball Caps and more—100% of proceeds go to support SayulitAnimals.

We’re located located a block from the plaza under the Central Hotel – right across from Alas Blancas grocery store (corner of Delfines and Manuel N. Navarrete) and open 11am – 6pm each day.