So Many Ways To Help!

SayulitAnimlas is only as capable as the community that supports it! Quite often what we need the most, is someone with the ability to help us get what we need – RIGHT AWAY!!

Please stop by the office, call, shoot us an email or check in on Facebook, if you hear that we’re looking for help!

Below is a current wish-list of services and supplies that we need from concerned visitors and community members alike.



From Veterinarians and post-operative caregivers, to dog walkers, photographers and designers, SayulitAnimals needs Volunteers for it all!

Just tell us who you are, what you’d like to do, or what special skill you’d like to offer us, and we’ll gladly take you up on it!

What We Need From Veterinarians

  • Spay + Neutering
  • Emergency Medical Care
What We Need From Everyone

  • Short + long-term fostering
  • Post-operation monitoring + care for our weekly one-day, and semi-annual 2-3-day clinics
  • Day-to-day kennel cleaning + care
  • Dog/cat grooming, training
  • Dog walking (when necessary)
  • Selling calendars, tickets and promoting fundraising events at our Kiosk
Ready to Volunteer?

Fill out our Volunteer Form, so we can understand how you’d like to help!


Adoptee Transport


If you are visiting Sayulita, returning home by plane, and would be willing to accompany a dog or cat on their way to a new home, SayulitAnimals’ staff will drive you to the airport and coordinate animal pick-up at your home destination as well.

If you’re interested in helping us in this way, please Contact Us WELL IN ADVANCE of your flight home.


Please consider donating your Westjet and Alaska Airlines points to SayulitAnimals, as this helps us offset the expense of sending Sayulita street animals north to loving families in Canada and the USA.

Donate Supplies

Here is our wish-list for Clinic and Office supplies:

Medical + Pet Supplies

  • Dog & Cat Food – We request only Costco Kirkland Brand | Cat (Maintenance – Purple bag) | Dog (Chicken – Maroon bag) | Canned Dog food
  • Tick and flea prevention medication for dogs and cats (of all sizes)
  • De-worming medication for dogs and cats (of all sizes)
  • Thermometers (battery-operated, digital versions — no glass please)
  • Multi-vitamins, Probiotics
  • Harnesses, Leashes
  • Fur Clippers (40 size blades)
  • Nail Clippers
  • Shampoo/Soap – Flea/Tick; Sensitive Skin or general use; Fungal treatment
Office Supplies

  • HP C4480 Black (74) and Colour (75) Ink Packs